The Global Jukebox

Tue, Nov 29, 2022 3-minute read

The Global Jukebox

Recently, I was a co-author on the release paper for the Global Jukebox dataset (GJB). The GJB is a collection of 5,000+ songs from over 1,000 societies - all available to listen to only at The published article is available at PLOS One.

Alongside the audio recordings, the GJB contains a number of expertly coded datasets containing information on the musical style, coordination of musicians (between vocalists, between instrumentalists and the relationship between the vocalists and instrumentalists), the breathing patterns in songs, the vowel and consonant patterns in singing, as well as some bibliographic datasets on instruments and musical ensembles. My role was to organise and clean these datasets into useful formats for future users - which I did utilizing the common linguistic dataset format CLDF. All the datasets can be found saved on Github at the address Each dataset is also versioned on Zenodo which is linked within each repository.

Since music is so prevalent in everyday life, there was great interest in the global variance of music that the GJB openly provides. This page documents some of the media interest for this papers release.

Press releases:

Famous in Japan

The Global Jukebox was well received in Japan receiving 354.8k views, 27.9k likes and 12.4k retweets on twitter after a review of the site was posted by Japanese musician Ryūichirō Sakan.

Other media

The press release was also picked up by various English, German, and Spanish media. A few of those links are below:

Earlier Coverage

The Global Jukebox had been in preparation for some time before the formal release. Here is some earlier media coverage:


Wood, A. L. C., Kirby, K. R., Ember, C. R., Silbert, S., Passmore, S., Daikoku, H., … Savage, P. E. (2022). The Global Jukebox: A public database of performing arts and culture. PLOS ONE, 17(11), e0275469.