Hi! I’m Sam Passmore 😄

I use quantitative methods to explore the cultural diversity seen around the globe. Currently, I am looking at musical diversity and my PhD explored diversity in kinship terminology.

Currently, I’m a Postdoctoral researcher with Pat Savage’s CompMusic Lab at Keio University in Japan 🇯🇵 (CompMusic is for comparative and computational approaches to the study of music). I recently finished my PhD at the University of Bristol 🇬🇧 as a member of Fiona Jordan’s VariKin project studying the evolution of kinship and kinship terminology (Varikin is for Variance in Kinship). Previously I studied and worked for Quentin Atkinson at the University of Auckland - the city where I grew up. Outside of academia, I have worked as a Data Scientist at Pingar International.

I am big into programming with R, and have strong opinions on data management.

If there’s something I can help with - don’t hesitate to contact me!